Drive your customer service to the next level with Helpwise

A shared inbox software for collaboration between teams and customer service. Use our built-in automation tools or connect to your favourite CRM to help your team become more productive and improve your customers' experience.

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What makes it great

Simple and clean interface
We love Gmail and Outlook as much as you do, and we replicated the feel in our shared inbox app.
Quick set up
Easy to understand and customize – it takes minutes to set up and start using your own shared inbox.
Optimise your replies
Set up templates to quickly react to common problems and serve customers even faster.
Connect to your favourite tools
Take advantage of integrations with tools Gmail, WhatsApp, Slack, our very own JustCall and many more.

Glowing reviews about Helpwise

G2 High Performer
G2 Best Support
G2 Easiest Setup
G2 Easiest To Do Business With

Deliver a great experience to your customers and your team

Remote teams
Helpwise is part shared inbox, part collaboration tool - share the load with your team members and assign emails to your team to clear up any chaos. Leave no pending messages, even when working from home.
Customer support
You don't have to choose between efficiency and a personal touch anymore. Provide quality customer support at scale, keep your users loyal and avoid contradicting information with Helpwise.
Finance teams
Bring every finance-related email into one inbox. Sort all payment receivables, bills and reports in one app and keep your team on the same page about your financials.
Sales teams
Steamline your sales process with a shared inbox. No more cc and forwards - ask your colleagues questions straight in the app, get back to your client quicker and give them the best possible sales pitch.

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